Woodbridge Running Company Shoe Philosophy

Our company philosophy is to help YOU, the customer, choose the right shoe for your needs and desires.  This is our Number 1 goal.  We pride ourselves on being open-minded to different trends and ideas about running shoe technology.  We offer a wide range of shoe types to accommodate many different types of runners and many different types of feet.  We take time to ask you questions that we feel are important in helping you choose your footwear.  We believe that there is not one correct answer when it comes to footwear choices.  We have helped fit thousands of runners over the years and have watched them train happily, consistently, and successfully.

The current discussion surrounding “minimalist” shoes will help the running community by making us all think a bit more about what we put on our feet.  While some people believe that “minimalist” or barefoot running is the most natural way to run for the human species, our society has chosen to become “shod” with cushioned and often supportive footwear.  If you decide to move away from our society’s more conventional footwear options, we are here to help you understand the process needed for the transition, minimizing any negative effects by this change.

If you want to try a “minimalist” shoe, you should consider:

  • This is not an overnight “fix” or change – we do not recommend switching to minimalist shoes completely, but suggest you gradually introduce them into your running regimen
  • Keep your “minimalist” running to no more than 10% of your typical running distance for the first several weeks
  • Gradually increase mileage by no more than 10% – 20%  every couple of weeks
  • If you ever start to feel pain during running, stop!  You can always try again in a couple of days
  • Alternate “minimalist” days for the first several weeks
  • Stretch before and after each run, focusing on calves and feet because running will stimulate these muscles
  • If you are still very sore after several weeks of running, rest and back off on your mileage